Wooden doors

     In production of wooden products, we use environmentally friendly materials of softwood and hardwood.


We manufacture and offer our clients the following entities:

- exterior and entrance doors,
- interior doors,
- balcony doors,
- the door for production needs,
- sliding doors,
- "western type" door (open in both directions),
- nonstandard doors,
- custom size doors.


The abovementioned doors may be of the following configuration:

- 100% of massive wood (pine, ash, oak, etc.),
- made of natural wood flakes (any wood),
- cladding (external, weather-resistant),
- MDF,
- with cladding,
- with glass,
- from the glazing (double and triple glazing, mat, tinted, etc.),
- with decorative stained glass,
- with decorative inserts,
- carved.


Type of doors, as well as pattern, design, materials and accessories for each door may be chosen depending on the requirements of the client.


The entire set of doors includes the following: door panel, door frame, external casing, accessories.


We produce doors: with wooden threshold, with aluminium lining on the threshold, with rubber gasket (for external doors), single door or two-leaved doors, doors opening inwards and outwards.


The doors can be covered with varnish (the structure of tree is preserved for a longer time) and painted (any shade from RAL directory).


We offer a full range of services to our clients:

- measurements,
- consultation,
- calculations,
- production,
- delivery,
- disassembly, assembly,
- finishing work,
- guarantee and maintenance.


Warranty period for the construction - 5 years.

Warranty period for assembly/ finishing works - 2 years.

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