Team of professionals working for the company is a member of the latvian construction market since 2003.

During this period, we have managed to position our company as a reliable, honest partner that observes deadlines of orders and fulfils its liabilities, as well as provides high quality services and production works.


In general, we work in the region of Kurzeme, whilst the majority of our objects are located in Ventspils and the district.


We carry out construction of:

- industrial facilities,

- production facilities,

- private objects,

- internal and external engineering networks.


Likewise we carry out:

- renovation works,

- insulation of pipelines and tanks.


We carry out maintenance of objects under a guarantee and after the guarantee period.


We have a successful experience of collaboration of many years with the following companies:

- "Ventamonjaks serviss",

- "Ventall Termināls",

- "Ventspils nekustamie īpašumi",

- "Ventspils komunālā pārvalde",

- "Ventspils labiekārtošanas kombināts",

- "Bio-Venta" etc.


Due to the fact that we have also our own production of plastic and wooden products, we can provide our customers construction from a zero cycle up to the launching of the object.

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